This.  This is what I say to my girls every time we walk to the car, all the time we are walking to the car.  It’s my fault, really.  I made this rod for my own back.  You see, I’ve been blasé about the girls eating food from under the kitchen table.  Hell, that’s where they got most of their nutrition the first several months after they started solid solids.  I was just so happy that they were eating, I didn’t care where the food came from.  10 second rule?  Not in this house.  In this house it’s the it’s-yours-until-I-sweep rule (unless it’s banana: old banana is gross and slimy and black and I try to get to the banana before the girls do).  It gives my husband the creeps, but there you are.  They’ve not yet died.  In fact, I figure I’m doing the girls a favour by allowing them a chance to build their immune system.

What I didn’t see coming, but should have, was that, to a two-year old, a floor is a floor is a sidewalk is a floor.  (Read: if it’s on the ground, I can pick it up and try to eat it.)  Was not actually an issue, however, until cherry season.  We walk past three wild cherry trees on the way to the car.  The cherries are lovely and tart and — hey — wouldn’t it be fun to pick cherries off the trees and give them to the girls to eat?  What a fun new experience for them!  Food.  From outside.  From a tree!  And you know what?  They loved it.  Daracha didn’t actually eat the cherries, not liking the flavour, and would give hers to Freya after tasting each one.  Freya loved the cherries and always wanted more.  Now, however, cherry season is over.  Sadness.  But Rowan berry season has begun.  And there are very green plums on the trees and on the ground next to fallen Rowan berries.  And that bush we walk past?  That bush with the clusters of green berries that I’ve never seen before?  That bush is full of berries.  Joy! (the girls)  “So much for us to eat!!”  Consternation! (me)  “Shit, they’re putting every berry and fruit they can find in their mouth.  They’re going to poison themselves.”

So now we have people berries and bird berries.

We have a lot of bird berries.  And now we collect bird berries off of the ground and try to find birds.

Every day is new.

2008.08.10 - F and D

Freya licking chocolate cake crumbs off of her arm, because there is no more chocolate cake to be had anywhere else.