Now that the girls are older, we spend a lot less time in the graveyard across the road  (except to pick bird berries) and now spend most of our outdoor time in Duthie Park — 44 acres of lawn, play parks, and indoor gardens.   Oh, and it has quite a nice, little cafe.  A cafe which sells Stuart Tower Dairy ice cream, the tastiest ice cream in Scotland and possibly Britain (and conveniently located three miles from our friends’ house in Perthshire).

2013.10.12 - Daracha on swing

2013.10.12 - Freya on the swing

2013.10.12 - Freya on the slide

2013.10.12 - Running free

2013.10.12 - Daracha on bridge

Oh, and did I mention that Duthie Park has McPuddock the terrifying frog that rises out of a mossy pond, blowing water out of its right eyeball (war wound, I’m guessing), only to slowly sink back down, blowing bubbles out of its nostrils?  He’s an institution.  Cue thirty minutes of staring into a pond with two two-year olds: 15 of those minutes spent intermittently peaking out from behind Mom in terrified anticipation, the rest with faces peaking over bars, as close to the frog as it is possible to get.

2013.10.12 - McPuddock